About CHS

The Home Science College, Udaipur which is nestled in the tribal belt of Mewar region was established in the year 1966-67 as a part of Agriculture College and attained the status of an independent college in 1969-70. The college was started with the vision of the upliftment of girl population for providing broad scope of job opportunities to its students. The faculty has accomplished this uphill task by its committed efforts in instilling the concept of Home Science as professional educational stream in the mind set of masses thereby improving the job marketability of discipline within and outside the state.

The Home Science institution can undoubtedly claim its pioneering status within the state wherein many new government and private Home Science institutes have grown and blossomed under its leadership. The faculty has always generated innovative academic and research agenda for the growth and upliftment of the discipline in the regional and national perspective. The institution is also proud of its alumni, as after their intense and comprehensive academic orientation they have launched as committed professionals taking care of their job responsibilities and disseminating the ideology of agricultural universities at state and national levels. Realizing the changing job scenario, the institution upheld the ICAR recommendation in vocationalizing the curricula thereby clinching a unique position in the mushroom growth of Home Science institutions in the state. Today the College of H.Sc., Udaipur is the organization providing a rare combination of academic and vocational education in Mewar region. Diligent efforts of the last four decades have started paying their dividends as now the families have shed all their hesitations in sending their girls for higher education to Home Science stream. Thus, the Home Science College, Udaipur continues its journey of excellence with the mandate and mission of improving rural life through education, research and women empowerment.


The institution aptly translate its vision into operational arena through its adherence to its goals and objectives:


  • Quality living of individuals in general and rural families and communities in particular through teaching, research and extension activities.
  • Empowerment of woman and girl child in rural and urban households through self-employment.
  • Service support to industries and communities that would help them to become better resource managers and contribute towards national development.



  • To develop skills and capabilities among students based on scientific principles and knowledge acquired for day-to-day living.
  • To promote analytical abilities among students towards innovative research to augment the quality of life of family, community and industry in the changing scenario.
  • To enhance entrepreneurial skills.
  • To develop an appreciation for rural life, its problems and channelize their progress.


Presently the UG programmes is 2+2 consists of 2 years of general orientation to all the five departments and agriculture courses and 2 years of intensives theoretical and hands on experience in the area of specialization chosen by the students. In the new scheme, RAWE has been discontinued and a full period of six months is devoted to In-plant training to provide better industry exposure. In order to provide job experience to the students in their respective field, they are placed for 24 weeks in reputed organizations / institutions for inplant training. During this period the students gain skill oriented professional specialization and job experience of their respective package.

At present, there are five departments in the College of Home Science. These are Foods and Nutrition (FN), Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), Family Resource Management (FRM), Textiles and Apparel Designing (TAD), Home Science Extension and Communication Management (HECM). The college initiated Master's Programme in Foods and Nutrition in 1975 and subsequently in Human Development and Family Studies and Family Resource Management in 1978 and 1979 respectively. The M.Sc. programme in Home Science Extension and Communication Management was started in 1980 and in Textiles and Apparel Designing in 1984. Ph.D. programme by course work was started in Foods and Nutrition in the year 1996, in disciplines namely Human Development and Family Studies, Family Resource Management and Home Science Extension and Communication Management in the year 2004-2005, and in Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing in the year 2009-10.

An All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Home Science is operational in the college since 1980. It was initially started in three disciplines viz. Foods and Nutrition, Family Resource Management and Human Development and Family Studies and was extended to remaining two disciplines namely Textiles and Apparel Designing and Home Science Extension and Communication Management in 1996.

A Middle Level Training Centre (MLTC) is also being run by the college since 1982 which is the only one in the state. The center is well equipped with training facilities, experienced staff entrusted with responsibilities of organizing job training courses of 26 days and refresher courses of 8 days for supervisors of ICDS, orientation and trainings of Instructors of Anganwadi Training Centers (AWTC), monitoring and evaluation of different AWTCs and ICDS projects in Rajasthan.

Various extra co-curricular activities are also undertaken in the college. Students on registration are enrolled as member of the Home Science Club. The activities of the Club are managed by an executive body with the help of a faculty member as Club Advisor under the guidance of Dean and ADSW. NCC , NSS and NSO programmes each with an in charge are also operational in the college for the students. Besides this, activities of Alumni Association and Job readiness workshop for placement of students at college level are also other important features.