Campus Life

Home Science Club

Organizes various co-curricular events during club hour which is held every Saturday 9 AM to 10 AM. Club is headed by ADSW and assisted by Club Advisor. Also the College Level Student Union helps in organizing various events year long. Club activities includes seminars/lectures/extra curricular activities/competitions etc.
Following three major student position for the club are filled by College level Student Election:

  1. President
  2. General Secretary
  3. Joint Secretary

Educational Tour

An educational tour is organized every year for IV year B.Sc. students for giving them exposure to various aspects. The major objective behind this is:

  • To understand the educational culture of other educational institutions.
  • To develop habits forming attitudes within the students for travel adventure and global exploration.
  • To motivate the future generation towards group directed activities that enable them to explore new territories ,culture and people.
  • To enjoy local cuisine, socialize freely and make use of local and cultural resources of the area that they visited.


The college campus has canteen services available during office hours. A gymnasium facility is also available where 10-12 students at a time can do different muscular exercises.

College Magazine

The college publishes annual college magazine “VAMA” in which students and staff members are invited to contribute articles. The college magazine comprises of all highlights of all events being organized in a year including, sports activities, cultural activities, academic activities etc. The work of publication of college magazine is being supervised through a team of college staff and few student members constituted through Dean of the college.